• Exercises generated for your specific needs
  • Over 2 million test combinations
  • Listening exercises
  • Grammar explanations, pronunciation
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Revolutionary adaptive e-learning

StudyPro’s unique grammar testing section is constantly analysing your results and generating new tests according to your specific needs. It is just like having your own grammar teacher!

Learn English fast with Studypro.

What is adaptive e-learning and how does it work?

Unlike other e-learning systems which give everyone the same tests, StudyPro is unique because we look at everyone as an individual. StudyPro’s adaptive e-learning technology constantly analyses your past tests from the grammar section and then generates tests specifically for you and your level. As your results improve, the tests get more difficult and, if the tests are too difficult, the system will adapt and create easier tests for you so you don’t get demotivated. The are over 2,000,000 test combinations so you will never get bored.

Step 1 - Start a test

After login, please click on the GRAMMAR module in the Testing area.

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Step 2 - Complete a test

The system will randomly generate a test of 6 questions. Don’t worry if the tests are too difficult or easy. The system will start adapting the level for you.

Step 3 - Get your results

The system will automatically give your results with an explanation in English and your native language if available. You will also have the opportunity to listen to the explanation in English to help with your pronunciation.

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Step 4 - Do more tests and get stats

After the first 5 tests, the system will start analysing your history and generate tests specifically for you. If you then click on the statistics button, StudyPro will give you the results of a grammar “check-up” and tell you where your grammar strengths and weaknesses are.

Step 5 - Visit library

Once you know what your weaknesses are you can visit the online library to focus your studying on areas that you need.

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